Adventure Medical Training is online!!!

Hello virtual world. After several months of spitballing and research, we finally pulled the trigger and now have some web presence. Our first course is coming up soon, September 13-14 2014 so check out the website and sign up to reserve your space!!!!



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  1. Hey Scooter,

    We LOVE your new business idea and we’re checking out your website.

    Rock on!!
    Lindsay Green, Lauren, Devin, and Lindsay Martin for the whole town…

    • THANKS TEAM!!!!

      Keep on rocking back in the now famous little town of Brevard. And if you make it out this way, look me up!

  2. Congratulations, the new site looks great. Trust that the business works out for you. Know how much you enjoy teaching, the outdoors, and fast things with motors. Quick web site comment. I can’t see the whole picture at the bottom of this page, or the others. Might be a layout issue or maybe the way safari show up on my computer. Be well,

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